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GenCatch (TM) Blood Genomic Midi- and Maxi-Prep Kit
  Cat.# Size Unit Price Quantity Order
  1470020 25 Midipreps Each $ 99.00
  1470100 50 Midipreps Each $ 450.00
  1480010 10 Maxipreps Each $ 99.00
  1480050 25 Maxipreps Each $ 450.00
Description GenCatch (TM) Plasmid DNA Midi- and Maxi- preparation utilize ion-exchange column to achieve the highest purity of nucleic acids for the most demanding applications, such as mammalian tissue culture transfection. The purification procedure is simple, fast and cost-effective. 
Detailed Components   High capacity/quality columns with buffers and protocols. 
Features   Quality: Highest purity using ion-exchange column. DNA prepared by this kit is suitable for many downstream molecular manipulations including PCR, ligation, restriction enzyme digestion, transformation and transfection, radioactive and fluorescent sequencing.

Convenient: No phenol extractions or ethanol precipitations required.

Yield: 100μg of DNA for a single Midiprep column and 500 µg DNA for a single Maxiprep column.

Technical Data  
Transfection of COS1 cells by 1 µg of pEGFP (left) and pDsRed (right) plasmid DNA purified by GenCatch (TM) Plasmid DNA Midiprep Kit.
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