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Contract Protein Expression

Epoch Biolabs' Contract Protein Expression Service specializes in the expression and purification of recombinant proteins. We produce proteins under contract for pharmaceutical, genomics, and biotechnology companies for use in high throughput screening, crystallography, in vivo studies, and diagnostics. We offer a comprehensive set of services to assist you -- cloning through the delivery of purified protein. We perform all work in a confidential, collaborative, and timely manner. Epoch Biolabs provides:

Rapid Turnaround: Weeks instead of months

Experience: Hundreds of proteins produced from diverse classes

Multiple Expression Systems: Insect cells and E. coli

Capacity: Milligram to gram quantities of purified protein

Quality: Batch records and certificates of analysis with every lot

Clear Communication: Detailed proposals with milestones

Customization: Proteins formatted for specific applications

Confidentiality: Work performed under strict confidentiality

At Epoch Biolabs, we are committed to providing excellent service. We will help you increase your productivity and conserve precious internal resources. Whether you need milligram or gram quantities, think of Epoch Biolabs as your first choice for recombinant proteins.

For a quick project cost estimate, please contact us using the following information:

Fax: 832-886-5152

E-mail: contractproteins@EpochBiolabs.com

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